E85 vs 93 horsepower

Most of gain is because you can run 25* of timing on e85 vs 19* on 93. In your tune, you'll have a spark multiplier vs ethanol percentage table. It will have something like 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% ethanol content on the column header. There will be one row of spark multiplier under that..

We have decided to start a discussion on different types of fuel. In this article we will explain the pros and cons of each to help you make a more informed decision on your next project. We will start with discussing Gasoline, Methanol, and Nitromethane to explain why Nitro and Alcohol make more power. Our Next article will discuss different grades of gasoline as well as pure ethanol and e85 ...The eFlexPlus E85 flex fuel kit automatically adjusts and optimizes fueling based on the E85 mix in your tank, eliminating knock and maximizing engine performance in the process. eFlexPlus is the easiest way to convert your vehicle to a true flex fuel, E85-or-Gasoline capable vehicle. You will make more power with our eFlexPlus kit, however for ...Find out as Steeda does a comparison test between the 93 octane pump gas, the 110 octane VP race fuel, and some ordinary ethanol-blend E85. The video below is over 10 minutes long and is packed with dyno pulls and horsepower/torque charts. As you’d imagine there are timing adjustments, injector swaps, and other tweaks along the way as …

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Posts: 1,114. E85 vs 93 2022 Q2. So I have been noticing that as fuel prices increase, so has the gap between a gallon of e85 and 93. Currently in my area, e85 is nearly a $1.25 cheaper than 93. Near empty, the cost difference between fill ups is over $15 and climbing. My camaro is not my daily and has about 2 years of warranty left.Ethanol In-Dash Indicator - software changes applied to the DME to allow checking of your Ethanol content as reported by the Flex Fuel Sensor in the vehicle's dash on the RPM gauge (e.g. 2000rpm = 20% ethanol, 5500rpm = 55% ethanol) For details on CustomROM visit our Wiki by clicking HERE; Stage 1 91: up to 20%HP / 22%TQThis is our 2016 Twin Turbo V6 Dodge Challenger on our in house dyno running both 93 octane and E85. Same vehicle, same boost pressure, but a significant bump in power with the ethanol over gasoline. With use of E85 ethanol and appropriate tuning, we saw a net gain of 64 WHP & 38 WTQ over 93 octane gasoline! The gains do …Increased horsepower & torque (up to 85hp and 75tq with bundled offering) Dyno proven air/fuel adjustments; Enhanced throttle response; 1-Year Warranty ... So if you are out and about and there is no E85 put 93 in it and the cal with self adjust for regular gas E85 or any combination.

Find out as Steeda does a comparison test between the 93 octane pump gas, the 110 octane VP race fuel, and some ordinary ethanol-blend E85. The video below is over 10 minutes long and is packed with dyno pulls and horsepower/torque charts. As you'd imagine there are timing adjustments, injector swaps, and other tweaks along the way as well.After testing the injection products, here’s what we think: Pros: Meth injection kits are about $500-$750. The gains we observed (574 rwhp on pump gas 93 octane versus 616 rwhp with methanol injection added) are large. Gaining 42 rwhp for $500-$750 is as economical as adding a good aftermarket camshaft to a typical LS engine.E85 represents 85 percent ethanol, and this implies that the gas comprises 15 percent regular gasoline with an octane rating between 87 to 93 and 85 percent ethanol. 87 octane gasoline, on the other hand, describes regular gasoline. This is made of 85 to 90 percent unleaded gasoline with an 87 octane rating and 10 to 15 percent ethanol.Fuel Type and Tuning (E85 vs 93) Results 1 to 2 of 2 Thread: Fuel Type and Tuning (E85 vs 93) Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; 08-07-2021 #1. danmw2003. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Advanced Tuner Join Date Feb 2020 ... HP Tuners LLC; Top; All times are GMT -5.

Better MPG? More HP? -- 87 vs 91 vs 93 Octane with Ethanol Edition (by Project Farm) Thread starter Mightybeast; Start date Jul 12, 2023; ... 87 vs 89 vs 93 octane on 2.0 EB? Area51BS; Nov 22, 2021; Replies 11 Views 3,248. Jul 26, 2023. TxMike64. To higher octane or not ? Raymundo76; Aug 21, 2023; 2 3 4. Replies 52 ViewsFuels containing alcohol have the potential to generate more horsepower since they burn more quickly, explains Zachary Santner, technical specialist at Sunoco Race Fuels. "The science says that the E15 is worth it because the fuel contains more oxygen.". That doesn't necessarily mean that running an oxygenated fuel will instantly increase ... ….

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In this video, Javi fills up the Camaro SS 1LE with E85 and takes it to the dyno to see the gains, and compare vs 93 octane. The total horsepower and torque ...We dynod one on pump 93 and e85. This particular combo only gained 10 rwhp from 880 to 890 by switching from one to the other. However, 10 deg more timing gained us 180 more hp. But on this case (pd sc) the airflow is set by the supercharger. I think na, turbo, or centrif will gain a little more with just the fuel switch due to the increased ...The Iowa Corn Growers E85 Web site says that if you have a flex-fuel vehicle and burn E85 (85% ethanol, 15% regular gasoline), you'll experience a gas mileage drop of 5-15% compared with regular gasoline. Taking the middle, a car that gets 25 mpg on regular gas would get 22.5 mpg on E85. Others say the gas mileage penalty for E85 is more severe.

2065 posts · Joined 2012. #3 · Jan 11, 2013. Ok found my answer, the stock fuel pump pushes 135lph. So here's my thought process. Add 50% (to have enough for e85 and a little buffer as it takes approx 40% more fuel at full throttle and 20% more fuel at part throttle) to my 310cc stock injectors. That would mean I would need at 465cc injectors ...In order to know this, you have to look at data to see if the EM is retarding the timing to avoid pre-detonation (or dyno runs with various fuels). Simply put - if the tuner says 91, run 91. If he says 93, run 93. Higher octane than necessary doesn't increase power output, but lower than optimum reduces power.

obituaries post star 4. I see that guys run e85 in modded cars and get more power vs. 93 octane. What is it about e85 that makes that possible? 5. Other than the increased hp, what is the risk to running e85 all the time on a modded car and taking the additional hp (if any)? Seems like an easy, cost efficient way to get an additional ~50whp on a modded car. In fact ...Even Naturally Aspirated, I have not seen that to be the case. BRZs can fix their torque dip and make a few extra HP with e85 and a tune vs 93. If you look for e85 N/A tunes for your Z, you'd probably find minor benefits. Turbo cars benefit the most because the higher cylinder pressures introduce knock potential, which e85 is very resistant to. funny racist white nameseugene to redwood national park Apr 18, 2013 · The facts are: E85 vs 93 octane gas equal 8% more BTU given same amount of air. Other benefits power wise are cooling the cylinder (50% more volume of e85 needed), higher combustion ignite temp which allow more advance in timing. Together it adds more hp and I love the knock resistance. E85 will give you better consistent power. serpentine belt and tensioner replacement 1651 posts · Joined 2004. #3 · Jun 9, 2011. Oak Lawn Chris is correct. You'll lose performance using 100 octane gas with a 93 tune, because there will be incomplete combustion. Another option is to add 3.5 gallons of 100 octane to 12.5 gallons of 91 octane to get a 93 octane mix. Share. outdoor battery operated fanweboost overland reviewbroward county tax search 1. E85 Is Great For The Environment. E85 is much more environmentally friendly than regular gasoline. It's the biggest reason drivers switch to flex fuel. It's more environmentally friendly for two different reasons: Lower carbon footprint. Less emissions. E85 is produced in the US, so the supply chain is pretty short. pn vati pharmacology 2020 quizlet 11,979 Posts. #29 · Nov 18, 2012. Rhunter said: 1st off you cannot compare 100 octane to E85. In general terms e85 = 110 oct. E85 has an advantage over 110 oct because it seems to allow more aggressive timing advances than 110. THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE OF E85 IS THE PRICE!! It's hard to beat $3:50 a gal compared to whatever the price of 110 oct ... hot springs on vancouver island bcpublix new adbedford texas police department The percentage of ethanol in gasoline with an octane rating of 87 to 93 is either 10% or 15%. They are called E10 and E15 fuels, respectively. E85 is a flex fuel that can contain up to 85% ethanol and has an octane rating of 94 or more. Ethanol has some benefits and some drawbacks.